VipinAgnihotri once again win award as Best Emerging Film Director for his movie “Ye Zindganiya” by DiaMirza

New Delhi (India), August 11: Recently DiaMirza hosted a grand award ceremony in Delhi, ‘The Indian Achiever Award 2023’, and VipinAgnihotri managed to win the award for Best Emerging Film Director.

VipinAgnihotri recently released movie “Ye Zindganiya” not only did good business at the box office but also earned plenty of accolades from critics.

VipinAgnihotri’s primary focus lies in contributing many talents, each brilliant in its own creative field. Very few, however, have enjoyed consistency in their creative endeavors and even fewer have managed to create a reputation that has become an integral part of the entertainment business in India.

VipinAgnihotri will soon release a reality show titled ‘Girl Power’ featuring 12 girls in a very innovative format.

Not so long ago, VipinAgnihotri won the Global Fame Award as the Best Film Director (Emerging) from the hand of SonuSood.

“I am entertainment-focused, planning to come up with entertaining, uplifting content that combines excellent storytelling and superior acting talent with manageable budgets,” pointed out VipinAgnihotri.