Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Liver Health

New Delhi (India),  July 31: World Hepatitis Day is a global initiative to raise awareness about hepatitis and its impact on millions of lives.

We’ve only got one life, and we’ve only got one liver. Hepatitis can devastate both. 

This year’s World Hepatitis Day will highlight the importance of the liver for a healthy life and the need to scale up viral hepatitis prevention, testing and treatment to optimize liver health, prevent liver disease and achieve the 2030 hepatitis elimination goals. 

Hepatitis is a silent disease with serious consequences; therefore, it is important to create awareness about its causes, its symptoms and preventive measure. Along with Preventive measures, it is necessary to have appropriate nutrition to protect the liver from the harmful effects of Hepatitis. Essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals are crucial in supporting liver function and protecting it from oxidative stress. Silymarin is one such Hepatoprotectant having antioxidant properties and helps to protect the Liver.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, such as a balanced diet, exercising, and avoiding toxins and alcohol usage, will help in keeping the liver healthy.

Moreover, BMI can be checked and monitored, whereas lifestyle modification and exercise be included in daily routine to counter obesity (a factor for many illnesses).