Tutti Frutti, a film on war dogs announced by producers Vivek Rangachari and Faraz Ahsan

New Delhi (India), August 10: Brace yourselves for an emotionally charged cinematic experience as a film revolving around Dog soldiers. Tutti Frutti, brings to life an extraordinary saga of camaraderie and courage that transcends the boundaries between soldiers and their loyal canine companions.

This compelling narrative, inspired by true events, will take audiences on a gripping journey, celebrating the incredible partnership between warriors on two legs and four.

As the world prepares to celebrate International Dog’s Month, TuttiFrutti takes center stage, paying homage to the relentless protectors who share an unbreakable bond with our soldiers. The pre-production of TuttiFrutti is set to commence soon.

Behind the scenes, the film boasts a stellar team with producers VivekRangachari and FarazAhsan at the helm. VivekRangachari, known for producing acclaimed films like The Lunchbox and the highly anticipated 800, brings his expertise to the table, ensuring a production that resonates with authenticity and heart.

Renowned writer Deepak Kingrani, celebrated for his contributions to projects like “Special Ops” and “Sirf Ek Baanda Kaafi Hai,” weaves a compelling narrative that captures the essence of this extraordinary partnership. His storytelling prowess promises to elevate TuttiFrutti into a mesmerizing tale of heroism and sacrifice. “Tutti Frutti stands as a testament to the often-overlooked heroes who stand alongside soldiers, unwaveringly patrolling borders and confronting danger head-on. Deepak has written a beautiful heartwarming narrative, and we are looking forward to starting the film with a good team in place.” said producers Vivek Rangachari and Faraz Ahsan.