Trending Sensations on YouTube in Electronics & the Technical World: Meet Ridhima, Garima, and SumitFrom Electronics by Raverz

New Delhi (India), August 14: In an era where technology intricately weaves itself into every aspect of our lives and develops every single day, it’s simply exhausting to navigate the world of gadgets. To help us, commoners, with little to no understanding of the tech world, Electronics by Raverz hasemerged. 

EBR is an electronics Brand under The Company Raverz Overseas private limited, founded by three enterprising individuals- Ridhima Grover, Garima Grover and SumitChaudhary. They sell and deliver all kinds of electronic appliances all across PAN India and create amazingly detailed unboxing, Reviews and How-To-Usevideos on YouTube at Electronics by Raverz.

They started EBR by selling electronic home appliances, a humble beginning but with bigdreams and immense empathy for their customers. After years in this electronics business,SumitChaudhary pushed his dearest wife, Ridhima Grover and her wonderful sister, Garima Grover, intodoing more with all the knowledge and experience they had acquired. With Garima Grover’s 12 years of experience in sales in electronics appliances, they wanted to share her knowledge on the Internet to help others. With their vision and faith, the trio started their YouTube content creation journey in late 2022 with the name Electronics by Raverz, which earned them recognition for being the most honest and reliable electronics channel on the Indian YouTube scene.

Ridhima hugely credits Sumit for being able to navigate her towards the technical world and helping her in putting out the technical content with deep knowledge. After all, it’s not just women who empower women; it’s also the visionary men like Sumit who stand strong beside the women in their lives. This trio did not build EBR

to make profits but to help people make better and more informed decisions regarding their home/office appliances or technical gadgets and create more convenient spaces for themselves. This trio builtEBR helps People in figuring out how their gadgets look and work, how to use them and whether they should even invest in one. This trio is helping thousands of Indians with their detailed reviews and explanation videos which are made predominantly in Hindi.

YouTube Videos made by SumitChaudhary, Garima Grover and Ridhima Grover are very detailed, very honest, very well explained and, best of all, very simple to comprehend. Electronics by Raverz videos are extremely easy to follow; you don’t need any prior understanding of technology or gadgets to understand and take advantage of their content. That is why their YouTube, Instagram& Facebook community is flourishing day by day. Their videos are trending. Today EBR has so many detailed videos on YouTube and uploaded shorts/reels on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook as well; yes! This Golden Trio spent lakhs out of their own pockets to purchase, understand, use and record the pros and cons of each item so that we can make better decisions.

Whether you’re drawn to their insightful content or captivated by their products, EBR standsas a one-stop destination in India. we can contact them and make benefit from a free consultation,prompt delivery across India, and lightning-fast service for Delhi residents.

The trio of Ridhima Grover, Garima Grover, and SumitChaudhary are a living testament to the transformative power of determination and collaboration. Electronics by Raverz thrives upon a harmonious blend ofpremium products, expert advice, and unmatched convenience. Which truly iscommendable. Navigate the ever-evolving world of tech with confidence and wisdom –

Embrace Electronics by Raverz and elevate your choices today.

Contact number: +91 8920589787

Location: Rohini, New Delhi-110085