“TirangaYatra” was organised by Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj & Waseem Amrohi which witnessed over 1.5 lakh youth participants

New Delhi (India), August 22: On August 15, 2023, on the occasion of India’s 77th Independence Day,India’s biggest TirangaYatra was successfully organised with full fervour and blazing passion at District Amroha, Uttar Pradesh. 

The TirangaYatra witnessed over 1.5 lakh youth participants to foster patriotism for the country and reminisce about the journey of India and those who have contributed towards creating this great nation. The chief guests of this grand TirangaYatra were notable personalities named Legendary Grandmaster ShifujiShauryaBhardwaj and Gem of Amroha, WaseemAmrohi; both of them contributed massively to organising this grandeur event, which resulted in resounding success.

Both of them are self-made personalities and have attained immense success in their professional lives.

Grandmaster ShifujiShauryaBhardwaj is an eminent personality and is associated with Hollywood- Bollywood celebs as their life coach, groomer and guruji; he is the inventor of world’s most modern counter terrorism training program named Commandos Mitti System, Chief Commandos Mentor; Action Designer, Action Choreographer & lot more.

Talking about WaseemAmrohi, who is a leading film director, producer, and entrepreneur and also a recipient of prestigious awards. He has won over 97 awards, including the BBC National Marketing Award for top-rated movies like Pink and Neerja for best movie marketing campaigns. Presently, even WaseemAmrohi is getting mentored by ace Bollywood celeb groomer life coach Grandmaster ShifujiShauryaBhardwaj, and is highly impressed by his finesse and solid work ethics. He is also prepping for Mitti martial arts, Mitti HINIT and historical knowledge sessions for their forthcoming feature film, which will be released very soon as one of the biggest Krantikari biopics.

This was India’s biggest ‘TirangaYatra’ organised so far, and the idea behind it was to unite the people of the country and deliver the message that nationalism is greater than any religion as people from various religious communities came together and the tricolour flag was unfurled with lakhs of people taking part in it.

The yatra was enormously praised by Additional SP Amroha Rajeev, and 20k bikes, 300+ tractors, 40 trucks, and cycles took out a TirangaYatra to whip up the patriotic fervour, which resulted in immense success.

The youth of our nation should take lessons from renowned personalities like Grandmaster ShifujiShauryaBhardwaj and WaseemAmrohi to keep the patriotism spark alive, in spite of juggling a multitude of responsibilities, and to leave no stone unturned by doing their part in evoking patriotism.