The Record Holder Expert Introduced Customizable Weight Loss Treatments

New Delhi (India), July 28: Dr. Pratyaksha is an expert record holder in providing personalized weight loss treatments. He recently launched a new program called Customized Weight Loss Treatments that promises to get the job done without gimmicks, pills or fad diets, allowing his clients to live a healthy life.

The program includes diet and lifestyle modification, exercise regiment custom tailored to individual needs, and green teas that are specific to an individual’s physiology. Each package is tailored to the individual’s lifestyle and needs, so that they can stick to it and make lasting lifestyle changes. Dr. Pratyaksha has 15 years of experience helping clients reach their desired weight loss goals.

His “ Science-based methodology’ includes six easy steps which are about focusing on eating whole and natural foods, exercising regularly, and setting achievable goals. Furthermore, Pratyaksha’s theory revolves around the idea that instead of depriving oneself of food, it is important to figure out and know which foods help us have more energy and function optimally.

Dr. Pratyaksha also encourages his clients to become mindful eaters — this means being aware of how each bite of food affects your body and paying attention to: How it tastes? How it smells? How it feels? and most importantly, How it makes you feel? Hence, the plan is about managing to reduce cravings without being deprived and controlling overeating tendencies. He supports his clients through his step-by-step plan to help them learn how to nourish themselves in a sustainable way.

Moreover, Pratyaksha introduced an amazing concept called “Motivational Reframing ” that helps his clients develop a strong and positive council. He provides resources and strategy around this concept that his clients can work with and practice in order to reach their desired goals. He considers these challenges and obstacles that often stand in our way to be opportunities and guides those he helps towards those opportunities.

By offering his clients personalized treatments and strategies composed of diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications, Dr. Pratyaksha has been successful in helping his clients reach their desired weight loss goals in a safe and effective manner.