The Bamboo Bae: Revolutionizing Sustainability in India with a 100 Crore Revenue Aspiration for the Coming Year

New Delhi (India), August 5: The Bamboo Bae was born with the fundamental belief that even the smallest of changes can make a significant impact in the world. The core mission behind the company is to bring forth a range of plastic-free products that can positively influence the world. Through extensive research, it was discovered that a plethora of bamboo byproducts can be sourced from the lush jungles of Northeast India. The Bamboo Bae already has 74 SKUs (as of July 23, 2023) and they are planning to launch 100 SKUs in the next 3 months and stand out as India’s one-stop solution for affordable Eco-friendly products. Since the products have shown great demand with a lot of scopes in the future, The Bamboo Bae is aiming for a $1 Million initial first round of financing.

Year over Year, The Bamboo Bae has shown the Compound Annual Growth Rate (31st March 2023) is 205.71% whereas the growth rate for the Financial Year Ending 2023 has been 233% as compared to the Revenue (as of the financial year ending 2022). The current anticipation and expected investment, The Bamboo Bae is expecting to grow by multiple folds, especially in D2C. Their current strategies involve new market acquisitions such as Exports, Hotels & Corporates along with the availability of products in retail stores. With the current growth rate, they are expecting to hit a revenue of INR 100 cr. by 2025.

According to a recent report published by The Economist Intelligence Unit, over the past 5 years, the demand for sustainable products has increased by 71%. The Bamboo Bae has seen a Compound Annual Growth of 205% (CAG) over the past 3 years. Bamboo Bae’s growth compares to the overall industry growth in the sustainability segment.  

Speaking about the company’s future, AnujSagar&SanchitGoyal the Co-Founder of The Bamboo Bae said “Our strategy roadmap emphasizes strengthening and growing our footprint globally, with Phase 1’s key focus being on markets in the Middle East and Africa. Our ambitious goals call for entering the European market in Phase 2. We have made a huge step by opening our first overseas office in the vibrant city of Dubai in order to support this growth and outreach. The beginning of our road to securing a firm presence in these areas and beyond is marked by this crucial move”.

Based in the vibrant city of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, the firm is dedicated to enlightening people about the vital importance of embracing handcrafted bamboo products in today’s world, sustainability has taken center stage as an urgent priority. With environmental consciousness on the rise, bamboo has emerged as a leading contender for eco-friendly alternatives. The company’s mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge and awareness of bamboo’s immense potential in promoting a greener and sustainable future.

The allocated funds will be strategically directed toward key areas that are vital to our growth and success. These include team expansion to enhance our capabilities, investment in product development to innovate and improve our offerings, acquiring current inventory to meet growing demand, implementing effective marketing strategies to reach a wider audience, and initiating steps for expanding into international markets. By allocating the funds to these crucial aspects, the company aims to bolster its position in the industry and achieve our objectives with confidence.  

The Bamboo Bae has set out to develop a better market position because of its sustainability as well as affordability. The products are priced considering maximum affordability as well as quality. The primary goal of Bamboo Bae is to reach every household and educate people on the harms of using plastic products. Alongside, The Bamboo Bae also helps hotels and corporations switch and adapt to eco-friendly products which helps them reach their sustainability goals. The company always strives to develop sustainably as well as functional products, so far the organization has been able to develop more than 30 products that are being offered either directly to the consumer or Institutions like Hotels, and Corporates.