Surat Industralist Subhash Dawar to Empower the Underprivileged as Devdoot VanarSena Chief in Gujarat

Surat (Gujarat) [India], August 4:  SubhashDawar, a prominent industrialist hailing from the diamond city of Surat, has been chosen to spearhead ‘VanarSena,’ an organization dedicated to social welfare and providing essential aid to the underprivileged across the country, particularly in the state of Gujarat.

VanarSena was established by AjitPratap Singh, the deputy director in the Social Welfare Department of the Uttar Pradesh Government, with the noble mission of building a large army of selfless angels serving those in need.

With the sole aim of extending a helping hand to the needy in various domains such as medical assistance, blood donation, employment support, providing financial aid for the marriages of impoverished girls, and facilitating education opportunities, VanarSena has attracted thousands of volunteers from diverse backgrounds. These volunteers range from high-ranking officers like IAS and IPS to individuals from all walks of life, including well-known personalities.

AjitPratap Singh expressed his confidence in SubhashDawar’s leadership abilities and acknowledged his significant presence in both the industrial and film worlds. He believes that SubhashDawar’s extensive contacts will bolster VanarSena’s growth in Gujarat, a major state in the country.

The core idea behind the organization, as explained by Ajit Singh, is to emulate the behavior of a herd of monkeys coming together to aid a fellow monkey in distress. Similarly, when a person is in need, VanarSena strives to have a network of compassionate individuals ready to lend assistance promptly. The initiative began during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic and has since made remarkable progress, touching the lives of thousands.

In a formal ceremony to inaugurate the organizations operations in Gujarat, international president PreetiSrivastava, affectionately known as ‘Helicopter Didi,’ visited Surat last week. Alongside her, Padma ShriAnand Kumar, (Movie Super 30 Fame)renowned for his exemplary contributions to the field of education, graced the event. The duo received a warm welcome and felicitation from the attendees.

During the event, Anand Kumar praised SubhashDawar for taking up the mantle of ‘VanarSena’ and expressed his hope that Dawar’s efforts would significantly impact the lives of the underprivileged.

PreetiSrivastava acknowledged the invaluable role of volunteers like SubhashDawar in her mission to support the education of needy children, and she vowed to continue her work in this area in the future, bearing the cost of education for those in need.

SubhashDawar’s involvement with ‘VanarSena’ promises to be a significant step forward in uplifting the less fortunate and providing a strong support system for those facing hardships in Gujarat. With the support of dedicated volunteers and visionary leaders, the organization aims to create a more compassionate and equitable society.