Sunil Gavaskar joins Midwicket Stories as Principal Advisor

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], September 4: Midwicket Stories is proud to announce that Cricketing Legend Sunil Gavaskar has come on board as its Principal Advisor. Another path-breaking announcement was about the launch of Midwicket Stories – India legfeaturing Legends of the game, the first of which would be held on November 1, 2023, during the ICC World Cup.

Midwicket Stories is a unique concept and platform for cricketing legends to enthral audienceswhile sharingtheir extraordinary experiences, both on and off the field, with their exclusive list of events which make for a heady mix of entertainment and passion.

NishantDayal, Founder, and Jaya Prasad, Co-Founders, Midwicket Stories, creators of this unique initiative made this announcement while welcoming Sunil Gavaskar as the Principal Advisor. NishantDayal and Jaya Prasad also announced the spectacular pairing of Windies Superstar, ‘Universe Boss’ Chris Gayle and ‘Turbanator’ Harbhajan Singh as the guests for the first leg of the event in India to be held in Mumbai prior to the World Cup tie between hosts India and Sri Lanka.

Speaking on joining Midwicket Stories as the Principal Advisor, formerIndian skipper, Sunil Gavaskar said, “I am humbled to be a part of this novel initiative that provides a platform for cricketing legends to share their experiences on a world stage. Today, we know everything about our favourite cricketers, but back in time, due to limitations of communications and social media, fans seldom got to know about the triumphs and conversations that took place in the closeted corridors of the game. This is a superb stage for all my colleagues to express themselves, entertain LIVE audiences, and share their memories. I am looking forward to interacting with Gayle and Harbhajan. Gayle will provide power-packed stories while Harbhajan will provide his unique spin on various cricketing matters.”

Elaborating on the concept NishantDayal, Founder, Midwicket Stories said, “Our vision is to provide an edge of the seat opportunity to lovers of cricket (such as myself) to interact, meet and get up-close and personal with their favourite cricketers. Of course, this is an experience that money cannot buy. For a moment, you can also picture yourself as a witness to history, amidst all the events that would be unfolding through the conversation. Whilst providing heady stories of cricketing bravado, Midwicket Stories aims to be the best in its genre. These heart-warming stories are all aimedto provide experiences that have been only felt and experienced by the ace raconteurs. Having Sunil Gavaskar as part of Midwicket Stories will help us gain rich experience and deep insights.”

Speaking on the fans experience during the event, Jaya Prasad, Co-Founder, Midwicket Stories, added, “Fans can interact with the legends and provide their experiences while dining with the legends as they spin their webs of cricketing and non-cricketing glory. Midwicket Stories is on a mission to cut down the distance between the legends and fans. It will attempt to provide one and all a once-in-a-lifetime experience that the select few will savour in the days to come.”

In the series held in Dubai earlier this year, Gavaskar received unabashed praise from the Caribbean legend, Viv Richards who affirmed, “Sunny Gavaskar is the Godfather of Indian batsmanship.”

From its successful launch in Sydney in November 2022, which featured the conversation between Sunil Gavaskar and Allan Border, Midwicket Stories has gone from strength to strength , followed by the second innings in Dubai, UAE   between legend Sunil Gavaskar and the inimitable Vivian Richards. The legacy will live on in the future with several unique partnerships set to be forged here in India.

With two prior innings in Sydney (Australia) and Dubai (UAE), this exquisitely positioned event generates a web of stories with people discussing various facets of the game, as it bids to be one of the most looked forward to events.

The sincerity of Midwicket Stories is further boosted by its ongoing social initiative, DrDayal Foundation (DDF), which dedicates the proceeds of Midwicket Stories towards paediatric heart surgeries in India. It is imperative to mention that Gavaskaron his own has been supporting over 35 operations in a year since the last four years.