“Singer Manish Sharma and Puneet Superstar joins forces with “Lala Lala Lori Hai, Bigg Boss Ko Tension Ho Rahi Hai”

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 11: You are not ready for this! One of the most hyped contestants of Bigg Boss OTT 2, digital sensation Puneet Superstar with a fan following of over 3.2 million on Instagram created history by getting eliminated from the show in less than 24 hours after it premiered. Now the superstar has challenged Bigg Boss with an electrifying song in a dhamakedar collaboration with AmitMajithia, owner of BCC Music and Manish Sharma- the singer of the song, a prominent producer, owner of BCC Music and owner of an artist management company Occasionz.360. Together, they have combined their artistic prowess to craft an unforgettable song exclusively for the iconic reality show, Bigg Boss.

In a typical Puneet Superstar style, the lyrics of the song, sing as “LalaLala Lori Hai, Bigg Boss Ko Tension Ho RahiHai”. 

With their diverse backgrounds, AmitMajithia, Manish Sharma brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry, while Puneet Star’s undeniable charisma has captivated audiences across the nation. This intriguing partnership is poised to deliver a track that resonates with the pulse of the audience and becomes an anthem of the season.

Puneet Superstar, known for his bold and controversial persona, is thrilled about the musical endeavour. Commenting on the same, he says “My brief stint in Bigg Boss stormed every platform of entertainment, imagine what this song will do” further adding “Kyunki, Puneet Superstar star tha, star haiaur star rahega” 

Manish Sharma who has given his vocals to the song, says “It’s an exhilarating opportunity to collaborate with Puneet Star. Our shared passion for music and the essence of Bigg Boss has led us to create a song that will not only entertain but also resonate with the viewers on a deeper level.”