Shriya Das Entered two world Records with Exclusive World Records and Kings Book of World Records

New Delhi (India), July 20: Shriya Das, a resident of Texas, USA, has received the prestigious title of “Admirable Achiever” from the Kings Book of World Records for her exceptional contributions in the field of Clinical Research. This recognition acknowledges Shriya’s remarkable achievements as a successful South Asian woman in STEM(Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), specifically in Clinical Trial Research in the United States. Shriya’s expertise is evident in her successful management and completion of human clinical trials across various diseases.

In addition to the Kings Book of World Records, Shriya Das has also been honored by Exclusive World Records, a renowned reference book of human records registered with the Government of India. Exclusive World Records awarded her title of “Honor” for her unwavering dedication to the clinical research industry.

Shriya’s outstanding accomplishments extend beyond Clinical Research. She has made significant contributions to STEM, particularly in the field of Clinical Research, by effectively managing global clinical trials spanning from Phase I to Phase IV. This demonstrates her proficiency, leadership and brilliance in the domain. Originally from Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India, Shriya now works in the clinical operations department of a UK-based mental health care company in Texas, United States.

With dual Master’s degrees in Medical Genetics (M.Sc) and Molecular Sciences & Nanotechnology (MS), Shriya Das possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully conduct clinical trials in diverse areas such as oncology, diabetes, ophthalmology, infectious diseases, ulcers, and rare diseases, among others.

ShriyaDas’s work in Clinical Research has not only contributed to advancements in medical knowledge but has also positively impacted patient care. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to improving healthcare outcomes through rigorous research and clinical trials have earned her well-deserved recognition and accolades.

Shriya Das serves as an inspiration to aspiring researchers, especially women in STEM, by showcasing the possibilities and achievements that can be attained in the field of Clinical Research. Her continued efforts and accomplishments pave the way for further advancements in medical science and the betterment of patient lives.

Through her ongoing work, Shriya remains determined to contribute more clinical data through successful trials, with the ultimate goal of providing better medicine and healthcare to people worldwide. Her dedication and passion continue to drive her pursuit of excellence in the field of Clinical Research.