Say Good Bye to Boring Luggage Days with Assembly’s Printed Luggage Collection

New Delhi (India), August 25: For ages, luggage has been nothing more than a mere commodity. But guess what? It deservesso much more! After the most loved travel companion, Stark – The Cabin luggage, Assemblyintroduces Livin’ TheVacay – its Printed Luggage Series. This homegrown brand is back, andit’s here to cater to all your travel moods!

Assembly knows what travelers truly desire, and they’ve nailed it once again with this excitingnew collection. Say goodbye to the days of boring luggage and embrace the magic of Livin’ TheVacay. This series is all about expressing your style with classic prints that tell your travel storieslike never before!

The brand’s new printed luggage collection features a free-spirited array of prints, each print carefully designed to resonate with diverse travel moods of people on the go. From the Tropical print, mirroring the breathtaking sights of tropical islands, to the sophisticated Marble design, which is an ode to the crashing waves on a beach- the choices with Assembly are boundless!

For those with a thirst for wanderlust, the Scripted print, inspired by the pages of a travel novel,offers an artistic outlet to express the passion for exploration. On the flip side, the Camo printtakes a step towards modernising classic prints, taking inspiration from go-to vacation moods.But that’s not all! Every detail of these luggage trolleys has been thoughtfully designed tofacilitate organized traveling and smoother transits. The most thoughtful addition to eachluggage include 3 free packing cubes for your dedicated toiletries, clothing, and shoes. That’snot all, you could add a personalised monogram tag, and you’re all set to embark on anadventure with a touch of personal style. Plus, you get a stress free 5-year manufacturerwarranty, making this new range a perfect travel companion for all the modern-day travelers outthere!

In this narrative of exceptional luggage design, Assembly has shattered the barriers of

convention. They’re not just selling luggage; they’re encouraging travelers to carry their dreamsand make a move. Livin’ the Vacay is not just a collection; it’s an open invitation to breathe lifeinto every travel story and #printyourvacation with an unparalleled style that speaks volumes.

So, as travelers across India embrace this revolutionary range, Assembly’s Livin’ the Vacaycollection continues to redefine the very essence of travel – an artful fusion of functionalityand aesthetics. This latest collection ignites the aspirations of modern-day travelers,encouraging them to break free from the routine of their everyday lives and articulate theirpassions in unprecedented ways!

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