Recur Club’s “Building in Bharat 2.0” event: How startups of Today can become industries of Tomorrow

New Delhi, (India) September 4: Recur Club, in association with HSBC bank, organized an event ‘Building in Bharat 2.0’. An enlightening session unfolded, featuring the active engagement of 100+ founders, venture capitalists, and industry entities. These contributors to the Indian startup ecosystem united to delve into the journey of startups as they progress into foundational industries that shape the nation’s economic landscape.

 The panel discussion explored the basis for India’s optimism, identifying successful strategies from the last decade. Changes in startup capital acquisition were discussed, alongside the emergence of a potential Indian dream, reflecting heightened aspirations. Additionally, the session highlighted indicators of startups evolving into full-fledged industries.

 The panel discussion was led by eminent personalities:

  • AsishMohapatra, CEO and Co-Founder, OfBusiness
  • Eklavya Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, Recur Club
  • RohitBansal, Co-Founder, Snapdeal | AceVector Group, AceVector Group, Titan Capital
  • VisheshKhurana, Co-Founder, Shiprocket
  • Jaideep Singh Kalra, Director and Head of Business Banking, North India, HSBC

 AsishMohapatra, co-founder, OfBusiness, mentioned, “The lack of government interference has to be one of the most integral parts, which is giving the ecosystem a push towards prosperity.Bansal echoes the feeling and believes that the Indian government has a huge intent to make the start-ups work.”

 Mr. Eklavya Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO of Recur Club stated, “We’re honored to host unicorn startup founders across industries at Building in Bharat 2.O. The strong turnout of these accomplished founders reaffirms our belief in India’s momentous trajectory. Collaboratively, we’re propelling the nation’s growth towards superpower status, underlining that this is truly India’s time to shine.”

 RohitBansal, co-founder, of Snapdeal, AceVector, and Titan Capital stated “Start-up used to be a sector, which means most start-ups used to be fairly homogenous, some form of consumer technology, etc. Cut to today, it’s become very different. Today’s start-ups are not a sector; today every sector has a start-up. We are seeing start-ups as regional in sectors such as health, agriculture, logistics, finance, etc. And as a result, the capital needs of start-ups have also changed.”

 The event underscored the importance of fostering an ecosystem that supports startups in their growth journey. In partnership with HSBC, and with the support of ecosystem partner The Bear House, and treasure partners Purna Gummies, WellVersed, Deciwood, and Naagin, the event proved to be an enlightening experience for all attendees. 

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