Proxgy Founder & CEO Pulkit Ahuja, felicitated at Times 40 Under 40

Gurgaon (India), July 31: The Times 40 Under 40 honored the achievements of young entrepreneurs, leaders, and change-makers who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. In an event which was held at The Oberoi in Gurgaon on July 24th, 2023. PulkitAhuja, Founder & CEO of Proxgy was named as one of Times 40 Under 40 and felicitated by the well-known Bollywood actor turned entrepreneur Sunil Shetty.

Speaking after being felicitated, Pulkit responded, “I am humbled and elated to be included in the esteemed list of Times 40 under 40 honorees. This recognition fuels my passion and commitment to pursue excellence in my endeavours and contribute to the betterment of society. Thank you for this incredible honor and the encouragement to strive for even greater achievements. I hope to use this platform to inspire others and make a meaningful impact on the world.”

Pulkit Ahuja, the brain behind Proxgy, is a man of many talents. As the CEO and founder of the startup, he has brought together his vast experience in launching and leading disruptive technology ventures to create a company that is making a tangible impact on industrial worker safety.

With an impressive background in various domains such as marketing, deep tech, product development, growth strategy, and people management, Pulkit is no stranger to the world of entrepreneurship. He is a serial entrepreneur with a string of successful ventures under his belt, ranging from industrial IoT to mobility, transportation, ad-tech, and education.

An MBA Gold Medalist in Finance and a Computer Science engineer, Pulkit’s academic prowess is equally matched by his innovative mindset. He holds multiple patents, has published several research papers, and authored books, making him a recognized authority in the field of technology and innovation. 

At the heart of Proxgy’s mission is the development of wearable IIoT devices and corresponding proprietary SaaS tools, catering specifically to industrial workers. The company’s flagship product, the SmartHat®, is a game-changer in worker safety, equipped with an array of cameras and sensors capable of detecting falls, gas leaks, sound levels, and environmental hazards. The data collected is seamlessly synced to a portal that generates automated reports, ensuring personnel safety and connectivity across diversified work environments and working conditions.

By implementing Proxgy’s patented hardware technology, the safety standards for more than 200 million industrial workers in India are being vastly improved. Beyond safety enhancements, Proxgy’s impact is felt in streamlining project management processes. 

The key to Proxgy’s success lies in creating wearable Industrial IoT devices that serve as human node touch points. These devices act as intermediaries, connecting industrial workers directly into the tech ecosystem, enabling seamless access to communication and collaboration tools.

Proxgy’s revolutionary technology has unlocked a myriad of opportunities for industrial workers, empowering them with real-time connectivity and access to essential applications. For instance, with the SmartHat, workers can join virtual meetings via Google Hangouts or Zoom, participate in team discussions on Slack, collaborate on projects using Jira, and manage tasks through Zoho – all without the need for a conventional device.

Moreover, the integration of Proxgy’s proprietary devices into industrial workflows has ushered in a new era of efficiency and productivity. With the availability of real-time statistics and analysis, operations managers can make data-driven decisions to optimize on-field activities and streamline project management processes. 

As Proxgy continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, the industrial landscape is set to undergo a fundamental transformation. Through the fusion of technology and worker-centric solutions, Proxgy is not only improving safety standards but also empowering industrial workers to be more efficient, informed, and productive. The success of Proxgy showcases the potential of technology to break down barriers and drive positive change in even the most challenging of environments.

Proxgy’s commitment to innovation does not stop with the SmartHat. The startup boasts a range of other cutting-edge products that further enhance industrial processes like Sleefe®, Lockator®, AudioCube®, AirHat® and BirdBox®