Proactive Citizen Foundation successfully hosted Seminar on Road Safety: Empowering Communities for Safer Roads

New Delhi (India), July 20: Proactive Citizen Foundation is a globally recognized Non-Profit Organization, which thrivesto solve critical citizen-centric issues through involvement and engagement of the latest technologies and volunteers. Proactive Foundation is currently working on promoting active citizenship to solve the road safety menace in India. Road Accidents are killing more than 150 thousand people and seriously injuring over 500 thousand Indian citizens every year. Our mission is to create a safer road environment by raising awareness, implementing evidence-based interventions, and advocating for policy change. We collaborate with stakeholders at local, national, and international levels to reduce road traffic accidents and their devastating impact on individuals, families, and communities.

Road traffic accidents continue to be a global epidemic, resulting in countless lives lost and causing significant economic and social impacts. To foster a safer and more secure road environment, Proactive Foundation recognizes the need for collaborative efforts and a comprehensive approach to tackling this multifaceted challenge using technology and public participation.

The seminar took place on 8th July 2023 at the Constitution Club of India, SansadMarg in Delhi. Participants included government representatives, traffic police officials, road safety experts, educators, healthcare professionals, community leaders, and NGOs actively involved in road safety initiatives. The event featured keynote speeches by Industry experts like AkhileshSrivastava, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, providing a platform for fruitful discussions and knowledge exchange as well as an Award Ceremony.

Key topics that were covered during the seminar included:

Road safety policies and legislation: exploring the best practices and policy frameworks to enhance road safety at local, national, and international levels.

Education and awareness programs: discussing effective strategies to raise public awareness about road safety, particularly targeting vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists.

Infrastructure and engineering solutions: examining innovative approaches and technologies to design safer roads, intersections, and traffic management systems.

Enforcement and law enforcement: highlighting the importance of strict enforcement of traffic regulations and the role of law enforcement agencies in ensuring compliance.

Community engagement and empowerment: emphasizing the significance of involving communities in road safety initiatives and promoting a culture of responsible road use.

By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, Proactive Citizen Foundation aims to facilitate actionable solutions and inspire collective action toward a safer road environment. The seminar also seeks to encourage partnerships between government agencies, NGOs, and the private sector to drive sustainable change in road safety practices.

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