Prasad Jilla Appointed as GVBL Co-Founder &Telangana State Chairman, SrinivasGada as Chairman for GVBL Pranava

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], August 10: Global Vysya Business Legends (GVBL) proudly announces the appointment of Mr. Prasad Jilla as Co-Founder and Telangana State Chairman, alongside Mr. SrinivasGada as the Chairman of GVBL Pranava. The prestigious ceremony, held at ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad, witnessed the official swearing-in of the new Governing Body for GVBL Pranava,  Mr. Naga TarunChintha, CEO of Shivam HDPE Pipes as Vice Chairman – Operations, and Mr. Kranthi Kumar Thadishetty, CEO of Maruthi Infra & Developers, as Vice Chairman – Finance for GVBL Pranava 2023 and Mr.Ravikondoori as legal advisor for GVBL

Mr. Prasad Jilla, an illustrious entrepreneur and the Founder of Threemurthy Trading Company and Angel Sales Corporation, has been recognized for his exceptional contributions and unwavering dedication to GVBL. His efforts have propelled the organization’s expansion across all states and districts in the country, fostering growth and creating new chapters, including GVBL Kapila in Karimnagar and Samastha in Hyderabad, which are poised to launch soon.

The visionary Global Founder and CEO of GVBL, Mr. RajashekharManchi, praised Mr. Jilla’s invaluable contributions and expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate. Mr. Jilla, in turn, extended heartfelt thanks to Mr. RajashekharManchi for entrusting him with this significant responsibility.

Mr. SrinivasGada, the dynamic Founder of SheNeeds NX 1 Gram Jewellers, has been appointed as the Chairman of GVBL Pranava. His strong commitment to the Vysya business community has earned him this prestigious role. Alongside him, Mr. Naga TarunChintha, CEO of Shivam HDPE Pipes, has been appointed as Vice Chairman – Operations, and Mr. Kranthi Kumar Thadishetty, CEO of Maruthi Infra & Developers, as Vice Chairman – Finance for GVBL Pranava 2023 and Ravi Kondoori has been appointed as Legal advisor for GVBL.

Mr. RajashekharManchi, Global Founder & CEO, extended warm congratulations to Mr. Prasad Jilla and the newly appointed Governing Team for GVBL Pranava 2023.

GVBL, known as Global Vysya Business Legends, stands as a unique platform empowering Vysya Business Entrepreneurs worldwide. With a focus on skill development, networking, and collaboration, GVBL nurtures a culture of mutual growth among AryaVysya Business Owners.

The Global Founders of GVBL, including Mr. RajashekharManchi, Mr. KachamRamu, Mr. SrikanthKatakam, Mr. Nagesh Kumar, Mr. Krishna Mohan, Mr. AkulaSantosh, Mr. RadhakiranChikoti, Mr. NagarajuKacham, and Mr. ArunTeja, have played a pivotal role in shaping this visionary platform since its inception in 2022.

RajashekharManchi, the visionary Global Founder and CEO of Global Vysya Business Legends (GVBL), has been instrumental in shaping the organization’s journey towards achieving its remarkable vision and mission. With a deep passion for fostering the growth of AryaVysya entrepreneurs, he has provided strategic direction and leadership, propelling GVBL to become a self-sustaining business development platform. Under his guidance, GVBL Members have benefited from innovative referral marketing programs, cutting-edge digital tools, and comprehensive business development trainings. Rajashekhar’s unwavering commitment to nurturing best practices and leveraging technology has paved the way for exponential business growth, enabling GVBL to create a powerful impact both locally and globally. His relentless pursuit of empowering the Vysya community continues to inspire and drive the success of GVBL’s transformative initiatives.

Alongside Mr. Prasad Jilla and Mr. SrinivasGada, GVBL Pranava welcomes other distinguished legends appointed as directors to steer the chapter towards growth and success:

Director Leadership and Training:Dr SHALINI, owner of Saisanthoshi dental clinic

Director Operations:VinayAddagiri, CEO OfAertsen interiors

Director Finance:Shiva Teja, chartered accountant, Rao and Shyam

Director Events: BhanuChander, CEO of Bhanucreatives

Director Communications: SaikiranSalike, owner of sri chakra silks

Director Marketing n Membership: Mr.N.C.Anil Kumar, Owner of Hanuman enterprises

Director Greetings: Raja Raghavendra, CEO of Saadhya solutions

Director Digital promotions: SwathiKiran, CEO of Digital connect

Director Women entrepreneur: SashirekhaGurram, celebrity fashion designer @shashik studio

Director Chapter Growth: YelgoeSatish, CEO of Indyug cold pressed oils

The members of GVBL Pranava have already showcased exceptional networking capabilities, exchanging a staggering business value of 2.35 CRORE and passing 357 referrals during the Fortnight Business Networking Meeting held today.

Under the exemplary leadership of Mr. Rajashekhar Manchi, Mr. Prasad Jilla, and Mr. SrinivasGada, GVBL Pranava’s new governing body is poised to elevate the chapter to new heights of prosperity and collaboration.