MorariBapu donates Rs. 25 lakh to SevaBharati in Himachal Pradesh

Talgajarda (Gujarat) [India], September 4: For the last several days, the hill state of Himachal Pradesh has suffered immense loss of life and property because of heavy rainfall. The continuous rains have led to the unfortunate deaths of hundreds of people and animals. Moreover, multiple landslides have resulted in challenging conditions for many people by affecting properties and other assets. According to an estimate, the resultant losses are to the tune of Rs. 72,000 crore in just Himachal Pradesh.

In July, noted spiritual leader and Ramcharitmanas exponent MorariBapu announced financial assistance of Rs. 25 lakh for Himachal Pradesh and other north Indian states. MorariBapu was in Boston, US, for Ramkatha at the time and had announced the assistance along with some ardent Ramkatha followers.

As a token of MorariBapu’s compassion, Shree Chitrakutdham Trust, Talgajarda, has donated Rs. 25 lakh to SevaBharati, which is dedicated to various social causes and undertakes a host of humanitarian services in Himachal Pradesh. The funds will be dedicated to further SevaBharati’s social activities in remote areas of Himachal Pradesh. SevaBharati has extended sincere gratitude to MorariBapu and Shree Chitrakutdham Trust for their support.