MoonzTraders by Santosh Chandel makes people financially independent through stock market coaching

New Delhi (India), August 25: Moonztraders is a well-known and top stock market trading academy established in Pune by SantoshChandel with a specific goal of giving the most basic and to-the-point stock market training from the ground up for beginners to advanced levels. By far, they have educated over 3,000 people across India through classroom programs that are available both online and offline. SantoshChandel founded Moonztraders in the year 2020 in Nanded, Maharashtra, during the Pandemic.

It goes without saying that more and more people are using stock trading to supplement their income, and the most dedicated individuals can do fairly well financially. However, learning to trade stocks successfully can have a very steep learning curve. While it is feasible to understand the theory of stock trading by reading a book, more in-depth training with live help is necessary to acquire the skills, confidence, and practical knowledge needed to trade with your own money. That is what Moonztraders provides with their excellent stock trading training and live teaching sessions that are conducted both offline and online.

Automobile Engineer SantoshChandel with 9 years of rich experience in Different Automobile Industries went through the highs and lows of the stock market before becoming a successful trader. Since 2020, he has studied numerous theories, strategies, and ideas before realizing that it doesn’t have to be this complicated. After 1 year of thorough practice and learning he started imparting education on the stock market. SantoshChandel, an automobile engineer with extensive experience, developed systems VSPS Setup for retail traders so that they can also invest in the stock market and earn good returns at minimal risk as retail traders always buy and sell stocks against big players institutional investors and incur a loss. 

Claim to Fame – SantoshChandel

  • Awarded as the most Popular Stock Market Institute in Maharashtra by year Aug 2022
  • Felicitated with Excellence Award in Dec 2022 by Dainik Marathwada
  • NISM Certified and NSE Registered AP
  • Authorised Channel Partner for Angel One Ltd.
  • AuthorisedReferal Partner for Upstox

The stock market is one of the most volatile marketplaces, and earning good returns demands expert knowledge and up-to-date market information. Start your adventure with Moonztraders and learn how to become a good and confident trader who can trade and win in any market. As a successful stock market trading professional SantoshChandel with his unique skills and intelligence has been educating people to become financially independent with the most updated and innovative courses on trading for 3 years.

Moonztraders has been successfully trademarked and copyright-registered and from October 2023 it will be listed as a Public Limited company where the public can make an investment and earn returns. 

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