Mar-tech player VOISE announces the mainstream arrival of Monetization for Connected TV OEMs in India

New Delhi (India), August 1: Leading Indian Mar-tech player VOISE is launching mainstream initiatives to help Connected TV OEMs in monetizing their assets is by unlocking untapped revenue streams. 

Traditionally, Connected TV OEM s have focused on selling physical products, but with the rise of digitalization and the Internet of Things (IoT), there exists a wealth of potential within their assets.  VOISE seeks to assist Connected TV OEM s in identifying these opportunities and transforming their assets into digital services, subscriptions, or data-driven products.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (CONNECTED TV OEMs) face unprecedented challenges in optimizing their revenue streams while effectively reaching their target audience. By diversifying their revenue streams, VOISE has launched an endeavor to ensure a more stable and sustainable income, even during economic fluctuations for these OEMs.

Through advanced data analytics and machine learning, VOISE is helping CONNECTED TV OEMs develop tailored marketing strategies that precisely target the right audience. VOISE’s innovative solutions go beyond conventional marketing methods. Interactive and engaging content, powered by augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), can potentially enable Connected TV OEMs to connect with their customers on a deeper level. This heightened engagement results in increased brand recall and a more profound impact on the consumers’ purchasing decisions. 

By collecting and analyzing data from products and user interactions, VOISE enables CONNECTED TV OEMs to make data-driven decisions, improve their offerings, and predict customer demands more accurately.

The Founding team of VOISE, Mr. Vinu Nair and Mr. AtiqueBandukwala stated in a quote to the media, “VOISE’s revolutionary approach to helping CONNECTED TV OEM s monetize their assets and reach their target audience has created a significant impact on the industry. By diversifying revenue streams, personalizing marketing strategies, enhancing customer engagement, leveraging IoT and Big Data, and promoting sustainability, VOISE has become a pivotal partner for CONNECTED TV OEM s aiming for sustained growth and success in the ever-evolving marketplace.”


VOISE (VOISE Insights & Technologies Pvt Ltd)

Mr. AtiqueBandukwala