Maintaining cleanliness and security is the responsibility of all of us – Ghanshyam Gupta Zaveri

New Delhi (India), August 25: The glory of KhatuShyamDilliDham Temple located on G T Karnal Road is increasing day by day, along with innumerable devotees, many political personalities are also coming here to seek the blessings of Khatuji. Recently, Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, NitinGadkari inaugurated Lakshmi Narayan Dham after reaching the temple, along with MP Raj Hans Raj Hans, National Trade Welfare Board Chairman Sunil Singhi were also present. Shri Lakshmi Narayan Dham has idols of Lakshmi Narayan Vishnu BhagwanJi along with idols made of Ashtadhatu as a symbol of the power of 10 elephants, on this occasion, NitinGadkari praised National President Ghanshyam Gupta Zaveri and said that Ghanshyam Gupta’s Hard work is visible here in every detail, it would not be wrong to say that it will be established as the eighth wonder of the world.

Ghanshyam Gupta Zaveri said that the number of people here is increasing day by day, along with the responsibility of our security system, about 6 lakh devotees visited Khatuji on the occasion of Independence Day and I am happy to tell that now All the devotees will be able to see 1008 Shaligramji. On this occasion, along with Ghanshyam Gupta Zaveri, the trustee of the temple, National General Secretary Sanjeev Kumar Mittal, National General Secretary Ramesh Gupta, National General Secretary Pawan Singhal, National Treasurer Madhu Gopal Goyal, Treasurer Anil Gupta and Treasurer Naveen Garg, National Executive Senior Vice President Kuldeep Goyal were present.