Interior Designing Services are Going to See Huge Rise States, Says Vistaar Designs Renowned Architect & Interior Designer in Noida

In the bustling city of Noida, Delhi NCR, one name stands out in the realm of interior design and architecture: Mrs VibhutiSangal. As the esteemed Founder and Director of Vistaar Designs, she has spent 18 years honing her craft and building an exceptional team of architects and designers. Now Vistaar Designs has become synonymous with innovative and awe-inspiring spaces, delivering remarkable projects across various sectors. Sangal’s multifaceted expertise extends beyond design, making her a revered Vastu consultant, social worker, and corporate coach.

A Legacy of Excellence

With a career spanning nearly two decades, VibhutiSangal has firmly established herself among the leading interior designers in Noida ( ) and Delhi NCR. Her passion for design and unwavering commitment to excellence has been the driving force behind the success of Vistaar Designs. With each project, she infuses her expertise, creativity, and unique vision, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments.

Designing Beyond Boundaries

At Vistaar Designs, the mantra is to create spaces that go beyond conventional boundaries, blending aesthetics, functionality, and innovation seamlessly. Mrs VibhutiSangal’s expertise lies in her ability to deeply understand the needs and aspirations of her clients, allowing her to deliver designs that not only captivate visually but also enhance the overall experience. From luxurious residences that exude elegance to dynamic corporate offices that foster productivity and creativity, every project is a testament to Mrs Vibhuti’s remarkable skill and attention to detail.

Exceptional Team and Accomplishments

Behind the success of  Vistaar Designs stands a team of more than 20 talented architects and interior designers, working in synergy to bring Mrs Vibhuti’s designs to life. With their collective expertise and unwavering dedication, they have successfully delivered over 600,000 square feet of corporate office space and an extensive array of stunning residences. Their commitment to innovation and meticulous craftsmanship sets them among the top interior designers in Noida and Delhi NCR.

Vastu Consultancy and Social Work

In addition to her expertise in interior design and architecture, Mrs Vibhuti is also a renowned Vastu consultant. She brings her deep understanding of this ancient Indian science to create harmonious and balanced environments that promote positive energy flow. Beyond her professional pursuits, she is actively involved in social work, using her skills and resources to uplift the community and make a positive impact on society.

Corporate Coaching

Mrs Sangal’s passion for nurturing talent extends beyond the realm of design. As a corporate coach, she shares her wealth of knowledge and experiences, empowering individuals and teams to reach their full potential. Her coaching sessions provide invaluable insights into design thinking, leadership, and business strategies, helping professionals grow and thrive in their respective fields.

Interior Designing Industry is Thriving

“Beautiful homes are rarely a coincidence, they become aesthetically appealing when an interior designer brings their potential to life” states Mrs Sangal. She believes the industry has a promising future as it is thriving at an encouraging rate. “We have delivered over 600 projects and worked upon 8 lakh sq feet space till now and looking towards achieving the target of 12 lakh sq feet and 1000 projects in upcoming years.” she said. 

Stepping Towards a Promising Future

VibhutiSangal and her brainchild, Vistaar Designs, have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the world of interior design and architecture. With her visionary approach, remarkable accomplishments, and unwavering commitment to excellence, she has become a beacon of inspiration for aspiring designers and professionals alike. Through her transformative designs, Vastu consultancy, social work, and corporate coaching, she continues to shape the landscape of the industry, pushing boundaries and creating spaces that transcend expectations. As VibhutiSangal and Vistaar Designs forge ahead, the future holds even greater possibilities and remarkable achievements.