Interactive Engagement Platform ‘The Smiling Souls’ to Celebrate World Senior Citizens Day

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 16:  The Smiling Souls is an interactive engagement platform exclusively for Seniors& specials.

As the 21st of August comes near, The Smiling Souls team is all fired up and ready to celebrate this World Senior Citizens Day with an exciting, fun evening planned for everyone, especially the superstars of the evening, the Seniors! 

The upcoming event will feature a fantastic fashion show exclusively by seniors, showcasing their talent and exuberance. Attendees can also look forward to live performances, dancing, singing, and music throughout the exciting, happy evening.

With regards to the grand event, the Founding Team comprising of Mr. Sunil Khosla, Mrs. TejasaJhaveri, Mrs. NidhiKhosla, and Mr. KartikJhaveri mentioned,  “Our Seniors have throughout shaped our lives with wisdom and love & now, we are on a mission to give ‘Home delivery of Happiness & Wellness’ with a vision to positively impact 1 million Seniors & specials globally within the next two years while creating value for our stakeholders.”

The World Senior Citizens Day event is scheduled for August 21st at 20 Downtown Churchgate, Mumbai.

Join us for a members-only event filled with laughter, surprises, and heartwarming connections.

There’ll be special senior guests, countless stories told, and numerous blessings shared. 

Let’s spread smiles and make this day unforgettable for our treasured elders.

Talking about the organization, The Smiling Souls is a platform forSeniors and specially-abled people promoting happiness and wellness. Members get access to Fun, Learn, Celebration, and Marketplace services.

Initially a social initiative that began in the thick of Covid, it gradually evolved into a social enterprise with a mission to positively impact healthy aging, well-being, and lifelong learning. 

The platform integrates robust technology and consistent human touch for continual Virtual & In-person engagement, bringing numerous emotional, social & health benefits. 

To get in touch with the team, kindly refer to the following contact details:

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Phone – +91 8976732074