Hello Entrepreneurs Unveils India’s Top 15 Impactful Entrepreneurs

New Delhi [India], August 25:Discover the trailblazers reshaping India’s entrepreneurial landscape in the upcoming issue of Hello Entrepreneurs e-magazine. As we unveil the coveted “Top 15 Impactful Entrepreneurs” list, immerse yourself in the stories of visionary leaders who have not only pioneered successful businesses but also ignited positive changes across industries. From groundbreaking tech innovations to sustainable ventures and social enterprises, this exclusive compilation celebrates the unwavering determination and innovation that drives these entrepreneurs to create lasting impact. Join us in acknowledging their remarkable journey towards transforming business into a force for good in India and beyond.

– SandeepChoudhary, Founder of Save Earth Mission

SandeepChoudhary, Global Founder of Save Earth Mission, is a prominent save-earth activist leading the global “World Net Zero” carbon mission by 2040. With 1.50 crore supporters, he champions green technology as Co-founder and CEO of Inflector India. Hailing from Rajasthan, his journey from serial entrepreneur in IT, electronics, and real estate to dedicated environmentalist showcases his commitment. The “Inflector” superhero and the “Inflector Hu Mai” anthem underscore his impactful endeavours.

– BhavishAggarwal, CEO of Ola Cabs

BhavishAggarwal, an alumnus of the IIT Bombay, revolutionised the Indian transportation industry through his startup, Ola. Frustrated by a bad travel experience, Bhavish founded Ola in 2010 with AnkitBhati, connecting taxi drivers and passengers online. Ola’s success was propelled by leveraging smartphone popularity, driver satisfaction strategies, and a diversified service approach. Bhavish’s innovative thinking and entrepreneurship have earned him recognition, including Forbes 30 under 30 and the IAMAI’s Best Startup of The Year award. Bhavish is the CEO of Ola Electric, which set up the world’s largest two-wheeler factory (called the Future Factory) in Tamil Nadu in December 2020.

– Nayan Shah, CEO & Founder, Clear Premium Water

Entrepreneur Nayan Shah is changing the beverage industry with innovative ideas and products. His dedication to quality and innovation has made Clear Premium Water a major player in the beverage industry. Mr Shah started his career in 2005 with Current, an indigenous energy drink with an Indianized taste, sparking his future innovations. The success of this breakthrough product set the stage for his future work. Based on worldwide hygiene standards, Shah launched Clear Premium Water in 2010 to meet the growing demand for clean drinking water. His success stems from his willingness to go the additional mile, a rare achievement. After studying strategic management and marketing at the University of Sydney in Australia, Nayan Shah laid the intellectual foundation for business success.

– Vijay Shekhar Sharma, CEO, Paytm

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the founder and CEO of Paytm, embodies the quintessential Indian startup success story. Born in Aligarh, India, in 1978, he rose from humble beginnings to become a significant player in the fintech ecosystem. Despite financial challenges, Sharma pursued engineering at Delhi Technological University, where he overcame language barriers by immersing himself in English through rock music. Sharma’s entrepreneurial journey started early with the creation of XS Corps, eventually leading to the founding of Paytm in 2010. The e-wallet giant, initially thriving, faced stock market struggles and regulatory hurdles, yet Sharma’s resilience and innovation remain an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.

– AsifBismillah, Managing Director, B’Creamy

Indulge in the city’s finest dessert haven at B’Creamy by Bismillah, popularly known as the “King of Thick Shakes.” Originating in 1893 with a sweet vision and just four flavours, this establishment has flourished through generations. With over 129 years of history, 50+ outlets, and 300+ offerings across multiple countries, B’Creamy boasts delectable desserts and an inviting atmosphere. From their signature Thick shakes to artisanal ice creams, every bite is a symphony of flavour. Artistic dessert craftsmanship, inclusive menus, and a warm ambience make B’Creamy a cherished community hub. Step into a world where innovation meets tradition, offering a delightful escape in every spoonful.

– DipakBharwad, Mananging Director, Gokul Developers

 DipakBharwad, a dynamic real estate entrepreneur, orchestrated a spirited Tiranga Car Rally in Surat to commemorate India’s 77th Independence Day. The event, featuring 75 cars, showcased unity and patriotism as it traversed the city, reflecting the AzadiKaAmritMahotsav celebrations. Known for his philanthropy, Dipak’s previous initiatives included a Tirangayatra and distributing 7,000 notebooks to underprivileged children on his birthday. His endeavourssymbolise his commitment to social causes and fostering a sense of national pride among diverse communities.

-VeekasChampalalDoshi, Managing Director,CocoHigh

VeekasChampalalDoshi is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio spanning industries. As the Managing Partner of Erocare Industries, he excels in Construction Chemicals, providing solutions for Acid-proof Tile Lining, Epoxy & PU flooring. His vision extends to clean room solutions with Ultra Clean Room System. Veekas also founded CocoHigh, a luxury beverage company renowned for its wide product range. His collaborative leadership style, commitment to quality and social responsibility, and penchant for calculated risks define his success. Veekas envisions a drug-free nation through his NGO, Youth Nation. Beyond business, his advocacy for sustainability and community welfare showcases his holistic approach to life.

– HimanshuAgrawal, Founder & CEO, Internet Coaching Empire

HimanshuAgrawal spearheads online business triumph via the Internet Coaching Empire, promoting adaptive learning and strategic acumen. He aims to guide global experts and entrepreneurs, emphasising learning, authenticity, and diligent effort. Through ventures like Backend Closers and Mailjar, he propels revenue growth. From modest beginnings as a telecaller, Himanshu’s journey epitomises unwavering dedication. With a vision of a prosperous India, he invites all to unite in this pursuit. His impact is evidenced by over 100,000 empowered students.

– Arun Gupta, Managing Director, Transline

A leading entrepreneur in the tech industry and a known name in the business world, Arun Gupta is the Managing Director of Transline Technologies Limited, a multi-million dollar enterprise. He is a benevolent man who built his success from the ground up. A solid leader with an enterprising attitude and a vision to revolutionise the business world, Arun Gupta is a name that has proven its mettle from time to time in the industry.

– RiteshAgarwal, CEO & Founder, OYO (ON YOUR OWN)

RiteshAgarwal, an innovative entrepreneur from Orissa, defied convention to embark on a remarkable journey. Despite aspiring to be an engineer, he pursued his true passion, writing a popular book and gaining recognition at just 16. Following a keen interest in travel and hospitality, he founded OYO (ON YOUR OWN) after identifying the gap in affordable accommodations. This visionary venture led him to become India’s revered billionaire at 26, marking a unique path to success.

– AnujTosniwal, Managing Partner, Four Pillars Media Agency

In today’s digital age, media agencies connect brands with audiences through strategic content and placements. Four Pillars Media Agency excels as an unsung hero, customising strategies that resonate. With expertise in logo design, they create iconic brand symbols. Their adept social media marketing fosters engagement, loyalty, and visibility. Collaborative and creative, they redefine brand-customer relationships, shaping the advertising landscape. In a world full of noise, Four Pillars Media Agency’s 360-degree services make brands stand out.

– Dr. SatyaRamaniVadlamani, MD & Chairperson of Murli Krishna Pharma

Dr. SatyaRamaniVadlamani, MD & Chairperson of Murli Krishna Pharma, is a visionary leader in nanotechnology drug delivery systems. Her journey from leaving a secure role to building global success reflects resilience and strategic acumen. Known for qualities like emotional intelligence, agility, and empathy, she empowers her team for innovation-driven excellence. With a goal of INR 1000 crore turnover by 2025, she combines ambition with CSR initiatives in education and healthcare. His holistic vision and values embody impactful change for an empowered society.

– AmitArora, Founder & CEO, Kstock Advisory

Kstock Advisory, located in Kurukshetra, Haryana, is reshaping finance education globally. Led by visionary AmitArora, boasting 20 years of experience, Kstock bridges theory and practice. With more than 5,000 local members, it offers courses on derivatives, mutual funds, and technical analysis. A growth rate of 47% attests to its effectiveness. Using AI and technology, Kstock aims to be a global finance education powerhouse, guiding individuals with astute stock market insights and unbiased analysis for wealth creation.

– SubhashDawar, MD, Yuemei Alliance Group and Bollywood Film Producer 

SubhashDawar, an entrepreneur from Delhi, ventured into Surat 32 years ago, establishing a successful textile business. His journey began as a photographer and evolved into producing 3 Bollywood films. Notably, he introduced renowned singer AshaBhosle to acting. With a strong social conscience, he actively engages in a respected NGO, focusing on campaigns like “Save the Daughter, Build Balance,” inspired by Prime Minister Modi. Dawar’s dedication to public service and admiration for ModiJicharacterise his impactful life.

– Vishal Yashvant Shah, Director, Shah Publicity

Vishal Yashvant Shah, a driving force at Shah Publicity in Surat, Gujarat, embodies innovation with commitment. With a vision to provide impactful advertising solutions, he forges strong marketing concepts, delivering tangible results. As a collaborative partner, Vishal customises strategies to achieve clients’ goals. He nurtures a culture of excellence, ensuring the agency remains a pioneering Out-of-Home (OOH) solution provider.