GIBS PGDM Batch Profile of 2023: Fostering Diversity and Excellence

New Delhi (India), September 4: The Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS), recognized as one of the Best PGDM College in Bangalore, has consistently stood at the forefront of providing quality management education, and the PGDM Batch of 2023 stands as a witness to the institution’s commitment to fostering diversity and nurturing excellence. This batch profile exemplifies GIBS’s dedication to creating a vibrant, inclusive, and intellectually stimulating environment.

Embracing Diversity: A Balanced Gender Ratio

Diversity is more than just a buzzword at GIBS; it’s a cornerstone of the institution’s ethos. The PGDM Batch of 2023 exemplifies this commitment with a gender ratio of 40% female students and 60% male students. This balance not only mirrors the gender dynamics in the corporate world but also enriches the academic experience through diverse perspectives and collaboration. In an era where gender diversity is increasingly recognized as essential for organizational success, GIBS’s efforts to maintain such a balance are commendable.

A Blend of Experience and Fresh Perspective

The batch also boasts a significant number of experienced individuals, constituting 16.95% of the cohort. This inclusion of professionals with prior work experience adds immense value to the learning environment. Their practical insights, real-world anecdotes, and industry knowledge enhance classroom discussions and provide a bridge between theory and practice. The interaction between experienced professionals and fresh graduates fosters an atmosphere of mutual learning, where each student contributes to the collective growth.

A Multitude of Academic Backgrounds

GIBS, one of the Top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore, recognizes that the business landscape requires individuals with multidisciplinary skills and perspectives. The graduation data from the Batch 2023 underscores this belief, presenting a mosaic of academic backgrounds:

  • B.Com: 40.68%
  • BBA: 24.86%
  • BCA: 2.82%
  • B. Tech: 3.95%
  • BE: 6.78%
  • BA: 5.65%
  • BSC: 10.73%
  • BMS: 1.69%
  • B Voc: 1.13%
  • B Pharma: 1.13%
  • B Arch: 0.56%
  • This diverse blend enriches classroom interactions, encouraging students to explore innovative solutions by drawing from various fields of study. GIBS’s commitment to producing well-rounded professionals is evident through this wide array of disciplines.

Geographical Tapestry: Representing India’s Diversity

GIBS’s appeal transcends regional boundaries, as evidenced by the batch’s geographic representation. Students from various states across India came together to create a vibrant and multicultural campus. The geographical diversity is reflected in the state-wise admissions breakdown for the PGDM Batch of 2023:

  • Andhra Pradesh: 12.43%
  • Tamil Nadu: 24.29%
  • Karnataka: 11.86%
  • West Bengal: 7.91%
  • Uttar Pradesh: 3.39%
  • Odisha: 11.30%
  • Gujarat: 1.13%
  • Haryana: 1.13%
  • Jharkhand: 1.69%
  • Kerala: 1.69%
  • Telangana: 2.82%
  • Manipur: 1.13%
  • Assam: 2.26%
  • Delhi: 0.56%
  • Madhya Pradesh: 3.39%
  • Bihar: 5.65%
  • Chhattisgarh: 0.56%
  • Uttarakhand: 1.13%
  • Rajasthan: 1.13%
  • Goa: 0.56%
  • Jammu & Kashmir: 1.13%
  • Maharashtra: 2.26%
  • Meghalaya: 0.56%

This diverse representation not only enriches cultural exchanges but also cultivates a sense of unity in diversity, preparing students to thrive in global workplaces.

Excellence Recognized: Scholarships and Achievements

The batch’s accomplishments extend beyond its diverse composition. Over 30 students secured the “GIBSbyYourSide” scholarship, a testament to their exceptional percentiles in entrance exams. This recognition of merit reflects GIBS’s commitment to acknowledging and nurturing exceptional talent.

PGDM Admission Notification for 2024: Forging Future Leaders

As one of the Top Business Schools in Bangalore, GIBS is excited to announce the opening of applications for the PGDM Batch of 2024. Prospective candidates are invited to explore the GIBS website, where the live application is now available.

Nurturing Leaders: Eligibility Criteria and Selection Process

GIBS believes in nurturing leaders who possess a blend of academic rigor and practical acumen. The eligibility criteria for the PGDM program are designed to identify such individuals:

  • A bachelor’s degree (10+2+3 or 4) with a minimum of 50% marks from recognized universities or institutions.
  • Candidates can apply through CAT, XAT, CMAT, GMAT, MAT, ATMA, and State CET tests as per AICTE guidelines.
  • Extra weightage is given to candidates with work experience and additional qualifications.
  • Students appearing for final year examinations can also apply.
  • NRI/company-sponsored candidates can seek admission based on their prior record, group discussions, and personal interviews.
  • The selection process involves GDPI sessions held across 36 cities, ensuring accessibility for candidates across the country. Esteemed panelists assess candidates based on their interview performance, communication skills, academic background, and more.

Embarking on a Journey: Seizing Opportunities

Candidates who meet the selection criteria embark on a transformative journey. They are invited to an in-depth Zoom Info-session to gain comprehensive insights into the college’s offerings. Upon selection, applicants receive a registration mail, marking the first step toward their two-year full-time PGDM program at GIBS.

As GIBS ushers in the PGDM Batch of 2024, the institution remains committed to providing an enriching educational experience that prepares students to excel as ethical leaders, innovative thinkers, and global citizens. Through its diverse and dynamic approach, GIBS continues to shape the business leaders of tomorrow.

  Discover GIBS: Embracing the “Learning by Doing” Model

At the Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS), education transcends traditional boundaries through the innovative “Learning by Doing” (LBD) model. Rooted in the philosophy that experiential learning drives holistic understanding, GIBS has transformed education into a dynamic journey that empowers students to excel in the real world.

Unveiling the “Learning by Doing” Model

The “Learning by Doing” model, embraced by GIBS, one of the Top 10 Business Schools in Bangalore, underscores the significance of hands-on experiences in the learning process. GIBS recognizes that true understanding flourishes when theory meets practice. Through this approach, students are actively engaged in applying concepts, problem-solving, and immersing themselves in real-world scenarios.

Dynamic Elements of the LBD Model at GIBS

  • Interaction with Visionaries: GIBS brings industry leaders to the forefront of education. With access to over 50 CEOs, CXOs, and founders, students glean insights from the very individuals who shape industries.
  • Top Faculty: Over 25 top faculty members contribute their expertise to guide students in their academic journey, ensuring excellence in education.
  • CPMP Trainers: GIBS’s Corporate Placement Mentoring Program (CPMP) provides students with exposure to 35+ trainers who bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and industry demands.
  • Field Work Integration: GIBS believes in the power of experience. Each paper integrates 20% fieldwork, allowing students to observe theories in action and grasp their practical implications.
  • Nurturing Entrepreneurial Spirit: GIBS goes beyond conventional education by encouraging students to start their businesses right from the campus, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Simulation Projects: Through simulation projects, students delve into real-world scenarios, making decisions, and experiencing consequences in a safe environment.
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning: Collaboration is key. GIBS nurtures peer-to-peer learning, fostering a community of knowledge-sharing and growth.
  • Practical Exposure: GIBS stands by its commitment to providing 50% practical exposure to ensure that students are well-equipped to tackle challenges beyond the classroom.
  • Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship (IRE): GIBS understands the importance of innovation and research in a rapidly evolving world. The IRE initiative encourages students to explore uncharted territories and develop a global perspective.
  • Campus Bizz: An embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit, Campus Bizz provides a platform for students to showcase their innovative business ideas and projects.
  • Business Mastery Program (BMP): GIBS’s Business Mastery Program equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to master the intricacies of the corporate world.
  • GIBS Finishing School (CPMP): The GIBS Finishing School (CPMP) hones students’ soft skills, enhancing their employability and making them industry-ready.

A Transformative Learning Experience

The “Learning by Doing” model at GIBS goes beyond textbooks and lectures. It transforms education into an immersive experience where students not only grasp theoretical concepts but also apply them in real-world contexts. Whether it’s rubbing shoulders with industry leaders, engaging in simulation projects, or developing an entrepreneurial mindset, students at GIBS are empowered to shape their future.


GIBS’s commitment to the “Learning by Doing” model reflects its dedication to producing graduates who can thrive in a complex and ever-changing world. By combining theory and practice, GIBS ensures that its students emerge as not just learners, but as adaptable and innovative leaders ready to make their mark on the global stage. Experience the GIBS journey and embrace education that goes beyond the ordinary – discover a world where learning is a dynamic and transformative adventure.

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