Ghanshyam Gupta Zaveri Honored with the title of Raj Rishi

New Delhi (India), September 4: When you have your hard work, honesty, social responsibility and God’s blessings with you then nothing can stop you from touching the sky, same happened with Ghanshyam Gupta Zaveri, National President of KhatuShyamDilliDham which iw located at G T KarnalAlipur Road and due to its magnificence, it has become the center of attraction for the devotees. Apart from all these achievements, a title has been associated with Ghanshyam Gupta Zaveri, that of Rajrishi by the National Council of Education on the occasion of 108 KundiyaMahalakshmiMahayagya organized in the premises of Swami Amardev Public School for the construction of Mahalakshmi Temple proposed by Sripeetham. Javeri give a very special contribution in the social, practical and religious field given by him to the society and according to the ideals of great sages like Vashishtha, Vishwamitra, to increase the exemplary tradition of Agravansh, to make the capital of India a religious pilgrimage and to establish KhatuShyam in Delhi – In order to establish the eighth wonder like Delhi Dham, the founding president of the National Council of Education, YugrishiJagdacharyaMahapanditChandramani Mishra gave him the glorious title of Rajrishi, on this occasion Chandramani Mishra said that from today onwards, Ghanshyam Gupta Zaveri is now in the name of RajrishiGhanshyam Gupta Zaveri. Will be known from and we wish that the tradition of sages will continue to flow in your life and reach the ocean of success. Ghanshyam Gupta Zaveri thanked and said that this title has fueled more energy to work in me. I pray to God that his blessings remain forever.