FukraInsaan’s Epic Big-Boss Rally: 20,000 + Fans Unite in Delhi to Support Youtube Sensation

New Delhi (India), August 3: The Delhi Haat, Pitampura, New Delhi, witnessed an awe-inspiring event organised to support and promote the esteemed Youtube creator, FukraInsaan, who has 4 Million Followers on Instagram & 7.21M subscribers on Youtube. The event aimed to rally fans and influencers together to back FukraInsaan in his journey to win the Reality Show ‘Big-Boss’. The meetup was a resounding success, showcasing the unwavering dedication of FukraInsaan’s supporters and the Youtube community.

HimanshuChandnani, (Founder of Wesocializeu) said, “It was one of the craziest meetups I have ever been part of.” “There was crazy support for Abhishek (FukraInsaan). Despite so many challenges, everything ended well. I believe Abhishek will be proud of us to see what we were able to pull off with just 3 days of planning. Wesocializeu, who is taking care of Abhishek’s PR & social media, organised this amazing event.”

The event garnered an overwhelming response, drawing in a staggering crowd of more than 20,000 passionate fans, influencers, and members of FukraInsaan’s family, including his brother Triggered Insaan and other close relatives. Their immense support and enthusiasm set the stage for a memorable day.

With FukraInsaan being a prominent figure in the Youtube community, the event was graced by other notable creators, including Jasus king, Triggered InsaanWajahathasan& dimple Malhan, Adarsh UC, Foodiewe, and several other big influencers. Their presence added an extra dose of excitement and joy to the meetup.

FukraInsaan’s best friend Jasus King hosted the event with flair and charm, engaging the crowd and making sure the energy remained high throughout the day. His exceptional hosting skills contributed to the event’s success, keeping the audience entertained and enthralled.

The entire atmosphere was brimming with love and encouragement for FukraInsaan, who appreciated the overwhelming support he received from his fans and fellow creators. Attendees got a chance to interact with their favouriteYoutube personalities, sharing their admiration and engaging in fun-filled activities throughout the event.

Wesocializeu’s dedication and meticulous planning ensured that the meetup proceeded seamlessly, leaving a lasting impression on all those present. The event’s success demonstrated the power of unity and the impact of genuine support from fans and influencers alike.

As FukraInsaan now heads into the Reality Show ‘Big-Boss’, he carries with him the immense love and backing of his community, making him a strong contender for the coveted title.