EOSGlobe Raising the Bar in BPM: Introduces #EmpoweringWithEducation Initiative

New Delhi (India), July 26: EOSGlobe, a leading BPM player in the country, is investing considerable effort in fostering an environment that promotes continued education among its employees. Recognizing the significance of educational advancement parallel to professional growth, the company is tirelessly working on building partnerships with a variety of intermediary institutions. The objective of this thoughtful initiative is to lay the groundwork for employees to pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate education, all while managing their current roles.

In a display of EOSGlobe’s steadfast commitment to employee growth, endeavours are being made to introduce flexible fee payment options. This is aimed at making the journey of continued education more accessible to everyone. The potential courses cover a broad spectrum of fields such as business administration, commerce, arts, and social science, delivering an opportunity for the employees to delve into their academic interests. This initiative exemplifies EOSGlobe’s unwavering resolve to empower its workforce and cultivate a culture of lifelong learning.

With this initiative, EOSGlobe has become an eminent player in the industry to offer a one-of-a-kind education opportunity to its employees while. The company is striving to establish the examination centre within the office premises. This approach is intended to alleviate the need for employees to travel long distances, thus making their examination experience more convenient. This move will help hundreds of employees finish their graduation courses and empower them to grow professionally and personally. 

Commenting on the initiative, AbhinavArora, CEO, said”At EOSGlobe, we are tirelessly striving to create opportunities for our employees to prosper both in their professional and personal lives. That’s the driving force behind our enthusiasm for this initiative. Our goal through these collaborations is to provide our employees the chance to earn their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees without the need to leave their current roles. While we are diligently working on making this a reality, we believe that these efforts will not only enrich our employees’ experiences but will also contribute to our company’s standing by helping us to attract and sustain high calibre talent.”

According to a recent NSO survey, only 10.6% of the Indian population aged above 15 years has successfully completed a graduate degree. What is the importance of a graduate degree in India? If we look at the distribution of graduates in the workforce, 62% were in regular jobs in 2017-18. The wage for a worker with a graduate (or higher) degree in salaried jobs was 1.6 times the overall average wage of a regular worker. This move will be a first step towards empowering youngsters and help them grow professionally.

The initiative, with its focus on convenience and accessibility, addresses significant barriers faced by many in pursuing further education. This innovative approach aligns perfectly with EOSGlobe’s ethos of nurturing talent, reinforcing the company’s position as an attractive employer and a force for positive change in the industry.