Director Anup Thapa announces the film “The Battle Story of Somnath” based on a significant event in India’s history

New Delhi (India), July 17: A film titled “The Battle Story of Somnath” is being announced today on the auspicious occasion of SawanShivratri. This pan-India film will be made in Hindi and Telugu languages under the banner of 2Idiots Films, produced by Manish Mishra and Ranjit Sharma and directed by AnupThapa, who has also written the story. Director AnupThapa revealed that the film revolves around the context of Muhammad Ghazni’s attack on the Somnath Temple, but its treatment is unlike anything seen in historical films before. The teaser of the film, showcasing its concept, will be released soon, as shared by film trade analyst TaranAdarsh on his social media handles today. The film is set to release in 12 languages, with Hindi and Telugu being among them. The announcement of the main cast will be made later, as the focus is currently on developing the film’s story. AnupThapa stated that this story will present before the audience a version of Indian history that has either been forgotten or misrepresented by some historians. It is believed that every Indian should be aware of this historical event. Shiv Yadav is a creative producer anddoing casting too for this project. The makers have not revealed the release date of the film yet.

Film – The battle story of Somnath

Writer &;Director -AnupThapa

Producer – 2idiot films &;manishmishra

Co-producer -RanjeetSharma

Creative producer & Casting – Shiv Yadav

Bilingual -hindi&;telgu

The movie is releasing in 12 languages, including Tamil,Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi,Bangla,asami, Oriya,Punjabi and Nepali.