Chakr Innovation Receives INR 18 Crore Funding Boost from EXIM Bank’s UbharteSitareProgramme

New Delhi (India), August 10: In a significant development for India’s environmental sustainability and technology sector, Chakr Innovation, a pioneering startup specializing in pollution reduction solutions, has secured substantial funding of INR 18 crores from the Export-Import Bank of India (EXIM Bank). The funds were sanctioned under EXIM Bank’s UbharteSitareProgramme (USP), reflecting the institution’s commitment to fostering domestic growth and addressing international demands.

Chakr Innovation is an Indian technology startup that places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and the reduction of pollution. The company specializes in the production of certified emission control devices for stationary diesel generators, with the goal of mitigating air pollution and its adverse effects on the environment and public health. Chakr Innovation’s initiatives are in line with India’s increasing concerns regarding air quality and challenges related to pollution. By offering practical and sustainable solutions, the company aims to create a positive impact on the environment and for the entire country.

Under the visionary leadership of EXIM Bank, the premier export finance institution established in 1982 and operating under the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, Chakr Innovation’s aspirations for growth have received a significant boost. The bank’s expertise in facilitating international trade and its unwavering commitment to the nation’s economic development make it an ideal partner for startups like Chakr Innovation, which are at the forefront of innovative solutions.

In a landscape where innovation and sustainability are paramount, Chakr Innovation’s partnership with EXIM Bank through the UbharteSitareProgramme emerges as a beacon of hope, heralding a future where technology-driven solutions lead the way to a cleaner and brighter tomorrow.