Celebrating the Impact of Authors And Their Books This National Reading Day

New Delhi (India), June 19: As we celebrate National Reading Day, during team discussions popped up the point that while reading is perhaps the best habit, infotainment tool and social change vehicle, it wouldn’t be possible without those who write.

 Pendown Press therefore decided to pay a tribute to the power of reading fuelled by the power of writing by celebrating and highlighting the remarkable contributions of our contemporary authors whose works have transformed readers and continue to inspire and empower them.

This year, we honor six exceptional authors who have made a significant impact in their respective fields through their insightful and transformative books.

1. Nikhil Naik: Extraordinary Wealth– 7 Simple Strategies for Business Owners

In this extraordinary book, Nikhil Naik provides a crucial wake-up call for business owners, not only emphasizing the importance of but also showing them how to make their money work as hard for them as they do.

As the Founder & CEO of A D Naik Group, Nikhil specializes in building passive income and wealth management strategies for business owners and professionals that have helped nearly 4,000 families worldwide.

His book dispels common financial myths and offers actionable advice to ensure that entrepreneurs’ hard-earned money brings them wealth and gains, rather than falling prey to mis-selling practices in the financial world.

2. Shikha Kedia Bharadwaj: The Millennial Mom- Balancing the Messy Life of a Modern Woman

Are you sick and tired of the regular old advice passed on from generation to generation? No more!

Shikha Kedia Bharadwaj’s The Millennial Mom is a refreshing take on the challenges faced by working mothers and is the gateway to a balanced life for every ‘’Mompreneur’’.

Combining wit with practical advice, Shikha, an award-winning entrepreneur and digital strategist, co-founder & CEO of Bit Quest, a global digital marketing agency addresses societal double standards and the importance of self-care. This book tackles a tough subject taking a light-hearted anecdotal approach to help millennial mothers strike the perfect balance between their careers, homes, and themselves.

Shikha’s book is a guide to achieving balance in life, making it an essential read for modern moms looking to thrive at home and in their careers.

3. Raakesh B Kulwal: The Passionate Life- A Blueprint for Achieving Success & Contentment

Your passions are the roadmap to your destiny, follow them fearlessly!

Raakesh B Kulwal’s The Passionate Life is an inspiring guide to discovering and harnessing one’s inner potential.

Greatness exists within you and this book acts as a catalyst helping you uncover and hold on to it!

Raakesh, a renowned expert in entrepreneurship, offers readers practical methodologies and personal stories that ignite a spark for living a fulfilling life. His book serves as a roadmap for those looking to follow their passions and unlock their true capabilities helping you ride the roller coaster of life from a different perspective.

4. Parveen Jagga: Ride Technology- Reap Profits

Parveen Jagga’s Ride Technology- Reap Profits is a crucial read for footwear distributors, dealers, and retailers. The book exposes the common profit-leaking mistakes in the footwear industry and provides practical solutions to stop these leaks, streamline inventory, and enhance customer satisfaction through technology-driven processes.

Parveen, a successful footwear manufacturer and technology expert, has researched over 500 footwear entrepreneurs to devise effective solutions. His mission to make 10,000 footwear dealers profitable through integrated technology makes this book a valuable asset for anyone in the footwear business.

5. Dr. Manoj Kumar Gupta: Silent Epidemic- Unveiling the Burden of Deafness in India

Silent Epidemic by Dr. Manoj Kumar Gupta addresses the critical issue of hearing loss, a condition projected by the WHO to affect one in four people by 2050 and 70 million people suffering from hearing impairment in India.

Dr. Gupta, a seasoned ENT specialist, emphasizes prevention and awareness, highlighting that 80% of deafness is preventable.

His book is a call to action to support the deaf community and improve accessibility to education and communication for individuals with hearing impairments.

With his work & this book, Dr. Gupta is rewriting healthcare in UP and Bihar, with a mission of community care. His commitment to equitable, quality healthcare cements his transformative legacy in the medical field.

6. Meenu Gupta: Frames of Influence- Transforming Govt. Communication Through Videos

Meenu Gupta’s book is an invaluable resource for professionals involved in government communication, advertising, or media publicity.

With a master’s degree and diploma in journalism, Meenu is an accomplished strategic video expert who has produced numerous ad films, documentaries, and TV programs. Her captivating videos effectively convey brand messages, making her a highly sought-after professional in the media and communication field.

Her book explores the strengths of video as a powerful tool in government communication, offering practical guidance and real-world examples. It is designed to help government entities deepen connections with their audience, increase employee productivity, and foster citizen trust and participation in nation-building.

This National Reading Day, let us celebrate the incredible impact these authors and their books have had on individuals and communities. These remarkable authors and their books exemplify the diverse and profound ways literature can influence and transform lives.

Their works not only provide knowledge and insight but also inspire us to strive for greatness in our personal and professional lives. By exploring their works, readers can gain valuable insights, practical strategies, and inspiration to navigate various aspects of life and work successfully.

Happy reading!

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