BullSmart hosts its very first financial influencer meetup in Delhi NCR

New Delhi (India), August 22: BullSmart, a Fintech startup based in Bangalore hosted an event in Delhi NCR called the ‘BullSmart Creator Meetup 2023’ for financial and lifestyle influencers. The event was to foster a positive relationship amongst a growing community of creators and influencers who regularly make content for the financial platform, aiming to educate their subscriber base on financial literacy as well as advocate for the product features and post regular updates of the company.  

As a company, BullSmart aims to be the best social investing platform for all types of investors regardless of their financial journey and risk appetite. Currently the company aids young investors to invest in mutual funds on their app and helps them to make financial decisions as per their goals in life. Building lifelong and positive community relations is the cornerstone of the BullSmart platform. Currently there are over 150 key opinion leaders, experts, and scholars in the field of finance and economics who have partnered with the BullSmart community to share market trends and investment advice in real time. The company hopes to link ordinary users, asset management companies (AMC) and professionals through its platform and make communications and investments easier and much more transparent.   

At present, there are more than 35 AMC’s which have opened accounts on the BullSmart platform to share with the larger community analysis reports, product information, investment related educational content and the opportunity to partake in live broadcast sessions.  

Speaking about the event, Ankita Das who is the founder and CEO of BullSmart, said “The ‘Bullsmart Creator Meetup’ was a significant event for us to connect better with our influencers who drive awareness for our brand to their subscriber base. Our goal is to make investment easy and transparent and what better way is there to drive this ideology than solidifying our bonds with our talented pool of creators who make relevant and relatable content. Similarly, to the creators, gratitude is the currency of connections and your presence at our creator’s meetup added tremendous value to the tapestry of financial wisdom we are weaving. Your insights, passion, and unique perspectives have enriched our discussions and illuminated new paths to prosperity.” 

Talking about her experience as an influencer who attended the event, Neha Gupta stated, “The creators meetup organized by BullSmart was truly remarkable. I left the meetup feeling inspired and connected to a vibrant community of creators. BullSmart’s vision to democratize finance and investment planning along with the outreach we have as influencers will truly lead to an enriching experience for all young investors in India. And I hope that BullSmart and all the creators, myself included, collaborate together and create a conducive investment and financial planning landscape for the youth. I look forward to the success and strides BullSmart has in store for the future and I am excited to be a part of this journey.” 

BullSmart wishes to continue a positive relationship and diversify its recruitment plan with various influencers through its ‘Stellar Seeker Program’. This program is focused on increasing the awareness towards starting the journey of financial and investment planning. The event marked a momentous starting step towards making the influencers relate better with the brand as well as acclimatize them with current trends towards the role of social media and financial decision making amongst millennials and gen-z of India. If you are interested in ‘Stellar Seeker Program’, please contact us for more information at Creator@bullsmart.in