Baba Bageshwar Dham Sarkar’s Inspiring Visit to Dr Vivek Bindra’s Office: Bridging Spirituality and Entrepreneurship

New Delhi (India), August  19: Renowned religious guru and Kathavachak Baba BageshwarDhamSarkarJi, known for his discussions throughout the country, visited the office of “Bada Business Private Limited” led by Dr. VivekBindra. During this event, he provided guidance to the office staff.

For this program, Dr. VivekBindra personally drove Baba BageshwarDham to the office of Bada Business Private Limited. During their visit, Dr. VivekBindrashowcased all 11 of his “Guinness Book of Records” to Baba BageshwarDham.

The Religious guru motivates the employees with the most important truth of life, stating, “In today’s times, people keep working throughout their lives, waiting for the day when they can sit back comfortably, enjoy life’s pleasures. Unfortunately, that day never comes. Therefore, learn to live each moment of life.”

To simplify life, he also described three special qualities of Lord Hanuman. He mentioned that the first quality of Hanuman is humility, which, if incorporated into one’s life, leads to success.

The second quality is eloquence, implying the importance of acquiring the art of communication. Hanuman Ji always conversed humbly and naturally with Lord Shri Ram, but when he faced Ravana, he employed his communication skills effectively.

The third and final quality is dedication to one’s work. Hanuman Ji said, “I do not rest without completing Lord Ram’s work.” Even in today’s times, individuals should remain dedicated to their tasks in order to achieve their goals.

During the event, he shared anecdotes with the employee and informed them that he would be heading to Nepal for a three-day Hanuman Katha. Despite time constraints, he promised to arrange a darbar for devotees in the future when he visits the office of “Bada Business Private Limited” again.

Before the conclusion of the program, Baba BageshwarDham also discussed the upcoming “Entrepreneurs Launchpad” event organized by Bada Business. This event, scheduled for September 23 and 24, 2023, at the Indira Gandhi Stadium in Delhi, is the country’s largest entrepreneurial program. Baba BageshwarDham will be addressing the participants like a speaker, offering them guidance.

The “Entrepreneurs Launchpad” event will witness the participation of numerous business personalities, including billionaires, along with around 30,000 business entrepreneurs from the country. Founders and CEOs like RiteshAgarwal of OYO Rooms, Khan Sir, AvadhOjha, and social media influencer RanbirAllahabadiya will also be present.

At the end of the program, Dr. VivekBindra also boosted the morale of the attendees. Additionally, Baba BageshwarDham requested him to elaborate on the nine qualities of Hanuman Ji during the “Entrepreneurs Launchpad” event, thereby enabling people to imbibe the energy of knowledge into their lives.