Avani Institute of Design Hosts the 66th ZNC Meeting

Kozhikode (Kerala) [India], July 29: Avani Institute of Design proudly concluded the prestigious 66th Zonal NASA Committee meeting with great enthusiasm and participation from various colleges. The event, spanning three days from 15th July 2023 to 16th July 2023, provided a platform for aspiring architects and designers to showcase their talents and foster collaboration.

The Zonal NASA meeting was inaugurated by Ar. Tony Joseph, Chairman, and Principal of Avani Institute of Design, along with Ar. Vivek PP, Governing Council Member. The event marked a significant milestone for the institute, highlighting its commitment to promoting architectural excellence and nurturing young talents in the design community.

Ar. Tony Joseph, Chairman, and Principal of Avani Institute of Design expressed his gratitude, stating, “We are delighted to have successfully hosted the 66th Zonal NASA meeting. It was heartwarming to witness the dedication and enthusiasm displayed by the participating colleges and students. This event truly reflects the spirit of collaboration and innovation that we strive to instill in our students at Avani Institute of Design.”

Reflecting on her experience at Avani Institute of Design, Mani Pretham Reddy, Nasa Zonal President, shared, “The 66th Zonal NASA meeting at Avani Institute of Design was a remarkable experience. The warmth and dedication of the volunteers made us feel at home throughout the event. Their exceptional hospitality, along with the captivating ambiance of the college, added to the overall charm of the meeting. Avani Institute of Design has undoubtedly set a high standard in organizing such collaborative events.”

HarshawardhanBurrande, Nasa National Treasurer, said, “Avani Institute of Design has consistently been an inspiring institution for budding architects and designers. The 66th ZNC Meeting was a testament to their commitment to nurturing creativity and innovation among students. Witnessing the lively exchange of ideas and expertise among nearly 45 colleges was truly remarkable. The institute’s efforts in shaping the future of architecture education deserve immense appreciation.”

With the participation of nearly 45 colleges, the event witnessed a lively exchange of ideas and expertise. Avani Institute of Design ensured that all delegates were warmly welcomed and provided with exceptional hospitality throughout the event. The attendees praised the diverse culinary offerings and the captivating ambiance of the college, enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved. The event was made possible by the collective effort of the College Student Council and the dedicated supporting staff who tirelessly worked behind the scenes to ensure a smooth execution of the meeting. Although faced with initial concerns due to weather challenges, Avani Institute of Design overcame the hurdles with the unwavering support of the students who exhibited continuous hard work and dedication.

Key to the event’s success was the consistent effort of the USEC of Avani Institute of Design, Amridha K P, and her collaborator UD Shahin and Ex USecAkash. They demonstrated exemplary leadership by appointing competent coordinators for each event, and efficiently organizing and managing the diverse activities. The enthusiastic students, who volunteered their time and effort, played a crucial role in the event’s seamless execution, contributing their dedication and passion throughout the day and night. Ar. Vishnu K and Ar. William Kennedy was the faculty coordinator of the Avani NASA team.